When handled with care, homeowners would be surprised that a professional flooring installation is anything but invasive or stressful. Instead, it can offer a rich and exciting collaboration to discuss styling and details with skilled craftsmen. There are just a few critical phases to this process. It is essential homeowners know what to expect in the lead-up to flooring professionals coming to their house to do their work.

Step 1: Browse Flooring Types

The most important decision you’ll make is what kind of floor you desire. Options abound — ceramic tile, carpet, wood floor, vinyl planks, and more — but what’s vital is that you find one that matches your aesthetic, accentuates your room and serves your needs. Many factors will go into this decision, including the foot traffic of the room, whether you anticipate accidents with having young children or pets, and, of course, budget. It’s good to have a sense of this so the skilled craftsmen overseeing the installation can help advise on maintenance, pricing, and more.

Step 2: Schedule an In-Home Measure

To do their work efficiently and successfully, flooring professionals must first know what they’re working with. During this phase, it is an excellent opportunity to speak with the crew, ask questions, and meet face to face so you can go over the plan. These workers will likely know what furniture has to move or what other preparations are needed. They’ll be sure to work with you to ensure a clean and safe process. Most importantly, the measurements the flooring team will take will determine the final cost.

Step 3: Make Way for a Professional Flooring Installation

A good flooring company can come in quickly and execute a job efficiently while always prioritizing two elements: respecting your home and leaving a polished product behind. A team of professionals will move aside the necessary furniture — always speaking with the client beforehand to determine where they will safely go — before coming in to remove the old flooring and installing a new one. From there, the flooring professionals will lay down adhesive, planks, carpet, wood, and tiles on the scheduled day, within the expected time frame. More often, the flooring installation itself can be completed relatively quickly. Upon completing the flooring installation, the installers will sweep up, tidy, and return your furniture to its original positions, creating a total transformation!

The best flooring companies will walk you through the room so that you can take a look, ask questions, and mark any notes. It is a best practice to use the installers while they are there instead of scheduling another appointment. Your satisfaction matters above all else, so this is a time to be vocal! Carve out time in your day to enjoy this walk-through, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and communicate with the team of flooring professionals.

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