You’ve picked out your flooring, hired an outside professional, and are now ready to get the job done to have your home looking styled and new. Exciting moments are ahead! But before you pop the champagne and celebrate your new home or remodeled floors, there are some easy steps to take to ensure your site is ready for new flooring. See five easy steps below that will set you up for success and make the process of a flooring installation all the more straightforward. 

1 Schedule a Time That’s Right for You

Depending on the size of the rooms being worked on, a flooring installation can take anywhere from one to a few (two, three) days. You’ll want to plan in advance, so you will not need to use that space during that particular time. Proper planning will allow the workers to get their job done efficiently and without interruption. 

2 Clear Away Valuables

Good flooring installers will take care of larger furniture pieces (chairs, sofas, etc.), but it will be on the homeowner to take care of and stow away any valuables. Smaller items atop coffee tables, trinkets, paintings, or pictures on walls must all be out to avoid any potential damage or to get in the way. If you are unsure if you should move something, it doesn’t hurt to ask the flooring installers coming in for their thoughts. 

3 Keep Pets Out of Range

The last thing you’ll want is for your furry friend to walk into the installation area and disrupt the work. Ensure the area the installers are working in is adequately gated. Keeping your pet away from the worksite would be ideal. Or to be extra safe, in a crate for the duration of the job.

4 Don’t Forget the Closets

If there are entryways, closets, or other tucked-away spaces that will receive the flooring treatment, don’t forget to clear those spaces too! If you have items in your closet, make sure they are at least a couple of feet off the ground so the installers can get in there and work properly.

5 Consider if You’re Also Painting

Many people tend to lump all their home renovation jobs together. It’s a bright idea and keeps everything moving at once, but you may want to have painting happen after your floor installation. The installers coming in are professionals, but minor dents are always possible, and as such, it may be wise to hold off on painting until after the installation is complete. 

ACS helps clients prepare for new flooring while professionally overseeing the installation. Together, we walk you through the process and work on your schedule to get the job done cleanly and with ease. Click here to learn more.