Get to Know Our Favorite Ceramic Flooring Patterns

What can’t ceramic do? It’s great in the kitchen and bathroom as it won’t (unlike hardwood) absorb any spilled water, and it can even be a part of your entryway for a chic, European look with big, blocky designs. Ceramic flooring patterns know no limits — there are so many unique aesthetics to explore, giving […]

5 Reasons Installing Stairway Carpet Runners is a Good Idea

We may think of stairs as practical and their carpet runners as decorative, but that would very much underplay how useful these stairway carpet runners are on many different levels. Yes, these runners let homeowners individualize their house, creating an aesthetic that pops or matches the rest of their abode’s style. But these stairway carpet […]

Trend Alert: Adding a Texture Design Element Using Carpet

As we are well into 2022, it looks like one trend that exploded on the scene two years ago isn’t leaving anytime soon: we are spending more and more of our hours indoors and working from home. For many, this has been a welcome shift, and as such it’s been no surprise that home improvement […]

Choosing the Right Floors for Multifunctional Spaces

Today, our home is more than just a place where we lay our heads to get some sleep. It’s also our office, our pets’ playground, and — for many of us — a house to raise children in. We’re spending more time at home, and that means rooms’ purposes are blurring together: the kitchen table […]

Top Tile Trends and Styles To Inspire You

If you leaf through home magazines or scroll through architectural websites’ content, you may have noticed that tiles are very much in vogue. There are a number of reasons for that: home design, like fashion or art, experiences movements era by era. Shaggy rugs are now vintage, carpeting can be a clean-up hassle, so today’s […]

2021 Subcontractor / Installer Appreciation Day!

The 2021 Subcontractor / Installer Appreciation Day on Saturday was a huge success! “Thank you for all you do each and every day. You are the heart and soul of what makes this company what it is. Day in and day out, you are in front of our customers, working super hard, and getting the […]

Is Wall to Wall Carpet Right for Your Next Design Project?

Wall to wall carpet always remains in style for a number of reasons. Chief amongst them is the fact that carpeting comes in a wide range of prices and styles. Furthermore, you can choose flooring tailored to your specific budget and aesthetic. Get a better sense of whether wall to wall carpeting is right for […]

Exciting Announcement…ACS is Expanding!

Exciting Announcement!!   ACS was invited by The Home Depot to bid on additional business in the Southeast. On September 15th we presented our proposal to the Home Depot Leadership Team…and we won!   It is an honor and privilege that our company was chosen (out of several other existing as well as new flooring […]

Best Ways to Care for Your Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tile floors are a popular choice for homeowners. They’re easy to clean, long-lasting, and come in various colors, patterns, and styles so you can tailor their look to your home’s aesthetic. Like all surfaces, ceramic has its own specific instructions when it comes to tidying and cleaning. Take care of your ceramic tile floors […]

Popular Floor Molding Types for Your Home

Choosing the kind of carpeting or flooring that suits your home is a big decision, but people will sometimes overlook another key choice that pairs with floors: trim molding. There are many different floor molding types, each evoking a certain style or mood. One is not necessarily superior to another; instead, various floor molding types […]

Complying with Safety Protocol During COVID 

Professionally installing quality flooring may be core to our mission, but your safety is our biggest priority. As COVID-19 continues to impact our day-to-day life and business, ACS is committed to flooring excellence and, just as importantly, the wellness of our clients. We understand that it’s a big responsibility to enter a new space in […]

Pre-Installation Best Practices

Getting your home installation-ready can make a big difference for the professionals coming in, the completion date for your floors, and the quality of the execution. Our flooring experts will, of course, handle the heavy lifting and see your installation through to its most successful finish. However, you can implement a few small but essential […]

How to Pick the Best Type of Flooring for Your Needs

Flooring is an element of a home’s design that, despite its omnipresence, can feel forgotten. It’s under our feet, after all — not always where we’re looking! And yet, flooring is as essential and structural to a home as the walls and roofs. But flooring can play much more than a functional role in your […]

The Importance of Flooring Acclimation

You’ve picked out your planks of wood and can’t wait to lay them out — we understand the enthusiasm! But first, remember the importance of flooring acclimation is the key to a successful installation and long-lasting floors. Acclimation is an essential step in the flooring process, but it’s one that the everyday homeowner might not […]

5 Steps To Get Your Site Ready For New Flooring

You’ve picked out your flooring, hired an outside professional, and are now ready to get the job done to have your home looking styled and new. Exciting moments are ahead! But before you pop the champagne and celebrate your new home or remodeled floors, there are some easy steps to take to ensure your site […]

What You Can Expect from a Professional Flooring Installation

When handled with care, homeowners would be surprised that a professional flooring installation is anything but invasive or stressful. Instead, it can offer a rich and exciting collaboration to discuss styling and details with skilled craftsmen. There are just a few critical phases to this process. It is essential homeowners know what to expect in […]

Should Hardwood Flooring Colors Match Throughout The House?

There’s a great saying that holds true, especially when it comes to design and décor: you can’t argue taste. Apply that idiom to your home, and you’ll discover that an essential part of styling an abode is that you feel comfortable, enjoy the aesthetic, and create something specific to you. Consider the possibilities. With that in mind, […]

The Home Depot Awards ACS Service Provider of the Year

The Home Depot awards ACS Service Provider of the Year for the second year in a row!  This means ACS is being recognized as the top flooring provider in the country. In addition to this nationally recognized award, ACS is also being awarded by The Home Depot Northeast Division as their Service Provider of the […]

What is the best flooring for kitchens with high traffic?

A kitchen is a temple: it is where the family dines, where guests gather, and where your creativity shines. Given these multiple uses, there are many attributes to look for when considering what is the best flooring for kitchens, especially those that experience high traffic — and, let’s be honest, some spills and messes.   […]

How to Stop Your Vinyl Plank Flooring from Buckling

There are many reasons vinyl plank flooring is such a popular choice for new homeowners, renovations, and more: easy to clean and sleek. This type of flooring takes on many looks, depending on the designer’s preference. But bubbling vinyl plank flooring can happen, and it is one of the most common complaints amongst those who […]

Having a Ruff Time? Try These Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

We all want floors that last, but sometimes our pets have different plans in store. The good news is you can have both: a furry housemate that the family adores and pet-friendly flooring that keeps for years. The trick to enjoying each is finding sustainable flooring that works for you, your aesthetic, and your furry […]

Join Us In Celebrating Heidi & Kevin

Over the past couple of years, the leadership team at ACS has been working diligently to create an environment where transparency and collaboration thrives. As a result, we have made significant improvements with our processes and standards. We also have been laser focused on branding our core values {SAY YES, OWN IT, DO WHAT YOU […]

How Much Hardwood Flooring Do I Really Need?

Every room is different, and every room will require a unique amount of hardwood flooring. The exact amount you need comes down to a matter of one key factor: size. Estimating the amount of hardwood floor you’ll need is easy enough — you’ll want to find the area, which can be calculated by multiplying the […]

What to Do Before a Flooring Installation

Some of the many misconceptions surrounding a new flooring installation are that they are stressful, invasive, and time-consuming. Yes; new flooring can be a big project, but when in the right hands, this process should be more exciting than daunting. In installing new flooring, you get to set the terms of your budget, be in […]

How Often Should You Change or Replace Your Carpet?

When you live in the same place for years and years and wonder if updates are needed, parts of your home can sometimes go overlooked. Carpeting should not be one of them, but unfortunately it too often is. Over time, it can be easy to get used to your carpets, even if you don’t take […]