In any commercial environment, you want your commercial floors to stand the test of time. They need to be durable, able to stand up to relentless foot traffic and be easily cleaned and maintained.

But you also want more…you want your floors to speak for you, especially if you are a contractor, an architect or a designer.  You want your flooring selections to be an extension of the experience you are creating for your clients…so that they, in turn, can convey that story to their customers, tenants, employees, visitors, patients:

  • In a high rise, it could be about elegance and status
  • In an office, that story might be about the company’s brand
  • In a hotel or restaurant, it might be about style and personality
  • In a retail store, it’s about whatever drives shopping behavior
  • In a senior living center, it’s typically safety and comfort
  • In a school, cheerfulness, and concentration
  • In an athletic facility or health club, performance and durability
  • In a hospital or other healthcare setting, it’s likely to be about cleanliness and care

Whatever the story you want conveyed—we can help you choose the right material, spec it, design the space accordingly, furnish and install it.

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We can help you not only choose the right material, spec it, design the space appropriately, furnish it, and install it for you.  We do this in office spaces, retail centers, restaurants/hospitality, senior living accommodations, health clubs, apartment houses and more.  We know what we are doing—that’s a key reason Home Depot has relied on ACS for flooring installations throughout the East Coast.

Whether you are the business owner, manager or a tenant, the contractor, designer or architect, trust ACS to take your vision and translate it into a beautifully finished functional floor. We work with the full range of materials—carpeting, carpet tiles, hardwoods, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, stone and more –in both new construction and renovation.

Working from our network of 28 service centers—locations in nearly every state from Maine to Georgia—we have the resources, the knowledge and most importantly the experience that other flooring installation companies simply can’t match:

  • More than 30 years of experience in residential and commercial flooring
  • More than two decades as a top flooring installation partner for Home Depot
  • Certifications from the leading flooring trade associations and manufacturers

We Know Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring installations are different. There are more scheduling challenges. More coordination with other contractors. More stakeholders. You want a company that has been there, done that. That’s ACS.

We work on a wide variety of projects from small to large and our clients always bring us their most challenging projects in difficult environments:

  • What are the right flooring materials for your location?
  • Are there special considerations involving the existing substrate, moisture, ultraviolet light, projections in the floor, and more?
  • Are there regulatory compliance issues, special clearances, unique purchasing requirements, and even special hazardous material abatement? Let us use our experience to deliver creative solutions and incredible results.

Types of Commercial Flooring

In any commercial flooring installation, scheduling issues are inevitable. You can’t close your business indefinitely to wait for your floors. And even in completely new construction, the flooring installation needs to be carefully coordinated with the work of other contractors. We know how to work quickly and professionally and make YOUR schedule OUR schedule.

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