When it comes to enjoying your home, no single element of your décor is more important than your floors.

Your floors are one of the first things you will feel in the morning and one of the last you will experience night. You walk on them. Sit on them. Play on them. Entertain on them.

Guests, visitors and ultimately buyers will take note of your floors, often before they notice anything else.

While the flooring decision is a major long-term investment, it is also a very personal choice. What’s important to you:

  • The warmth of a beautiful wall-to-wall carpet?
  • The exquisite grain of a stunning hardwood floor?
  • The permanence and character of stone tiles?
  • Easy cleanup and protection against water spills?
  • A soft surface underfoot while cooking in the kitchen?
  • The ability to install underfloor radiant heating?
  • Is there a ceramic pattern you must have?

Whatever you ultimately select, getting it installed correctly is a must. That’s why you want to call ACS.

Our 25+ years of experience and expertise with every kind of flooring material—carpeting, hardwoods, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, stone and more—is a key reason Home Depot relies on ACS as one of its top flooring installation partners.

At ACS we work directly with homeowners as well as with architects and interior decorators, in both new construction and renovation.

From our network of 28 service centers—locations in nearly every state from Maine to Virginia— our teams of installers take your vision and translate it into a beautifully finished functional floor.

Because of our size, scope and experience we have the resources and knowledge that other flooring installation companies simply can’t match—including certifications from the leading flooring trade associations and manufacturers

Call ACS

Whether you are building a new home or simply updating the look in one of your rooms, call ACS.

Rely on our flooring experts to develop the right plan for your project.

  • Are you choosing the right flooring materials?
  • Are there special considerations involving the existing substrate, moisture, ultraviolet light, foot traffic and more?
  • Are there any special environmental or health issues that need to be addressed?

When everything is ready, trust ACS to be there on time and get the job done on schedule—including coordinating with other contractors.

Talk to our customer service team about your vision for your floor and let us help you make it happen.