ACS, or American Carpet South as we called it when we started in 1992, had some pretty humble beginnings. Joe Santagata (our CEO) started working for his father Bob in the warehouse: receiving, tracking and dispatching carpet to whatever jobs they could land. The truth is, we got our reputation for being the “Say Yes Company” because we had no choice in those days BUT TO SAY YES… it was the only way to make ends meet. Ask Bob or Joe, who himself was one of the initial installers, about the “good old days” when they tried to route jobs in such a way to avoid tolls or when they did have to pay tolls, raiding the coin tray in the car to actually pay the toll. Through the years, from warehouse employee to installer, Joe (and Bob) never wavered from their desire to build a company they, their families and their employees could be proud of.

And, of course, saying yes to jobs that others rejected for many reasons—from too far, too complicated, to too demanding—they took it on and made it work.

Over the years, ACS began expanding in three very important ways: its geographic footprint, customer base, and flooring materials (from just carpet to hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic and more—really, anything you can put on a floor), to winning the confidence of Home Depot which launched ACS on its path to becoming the premier flooring installation services company on the East Coast.

And throughout this growth, we have never wavered from the core values that were the foundation for our success: putting the customer first and meeting any challenge to get the job done right.

Just as we were in 1992, ACS is a family-owned and operated business. Yes, we’ve grown significantly since then—with 26 warehouse locations in nearly every state from Maine to Virginia but we’re still a company where everyone knows everyone by their first name. We constantly invest in our workforce and their families to ensure that we remain a strong family-owned business into the future.

We are proud to be a long-time partner of Home Depot and to have been selected as a Service Provider of the Year. Home Depot sets the bar high for its partners: “Exceed customers’ expectations” by providing world-class design and installation services along with second-to-none customer service. From day one, we’ve risen to the challenge and shared their vision. We’re proud to affiliate with this fine organization.

That’s the ACS story and it’s just getting started. You won’t find a flooring installation company that is more serious about what it does and about getting it done right.

We’re completely committed to knowing everything there is to know about flooring and working until you—our customers are completely satisfied.

That has always been the foundation of our success and it always will be.

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