A kitchen is a temple: it is where the family dines, where guests gather, and where your creativity shines. Given these multiple uses, there are many attributes to look for when considering what is the best flooring for kitchens, especially those that experience high traffic — and, let’s be honest, some spills and messes.


It should come as no surprise, then, that the best kitchen floors are both easily cleanable while servicing your aesthetic. A sturdy kitchen will be long-lasting and stylish while enduring guests, pets, and moving chairs or stools that don’t scuff up the floor. Below, see a breakdown of various types of floors: none is necessarily better than the other — instead, it’s important that you find one that matches your taste and needs.



What’s classier than a well-shined hardwood floor? Coming in many hues and sizes, it’s easy to tailor this style to your kitchen’s aesthetic. There are some key things to keep in mind, however: wood does not always take very well to wear and tear, and lighter hues, while bright and attractive, might not be great for new parents or first-time homeowners. With lighter woods, stains and spills will be harder to remove; meanwhile, darker woods may do a better job of concealing kitchen accidents that are bound to happen. Fortunately, moisture is not always the issue it once was with hardwood floors: modern sealers and polyurethane finishes can make this flooring option more long-lasting.


Ceramic Tile

An evergreen and popular choice, ceramic tiles represent what every best kitchen floor needs: durability, style, and an easy surface to clean. Like hardwood, this flooring comes in a multitude of patterns and colors.  Buyers can really customize the look of their tile mosaic. Besides routine cleaning and scrubbing, ceramic tiles are a low-maintenance option. The only drawback is that, since it’s made of natural clay, this flooring can be cold to the touch, but that can be solved with some rugs and proper heating systems. 



Vinyl can be some of the best flooring for kitchens because it can accommodate so many looks and purposes. Easy and versatile, this man-made manufactured material is resistant to stains, water, dents, and more. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of looks. They can resemble everything from stone and wood to tile and more. Vinyl is highly desirable because it is inexpensive to buy and simple enough on the DIY front — users just lay down planks and assemble with adhesives.


Stone Tile

Stone can be good for those who want a more varied texture in their flooring. Often, no two tiles of stone are exactly alike. Coming in many looks (including granite, slate, marble, and others), stone can make for an elegant floor, albeit a more expensive one: the price per tile can show a wide range depending on the type, and users may want to hire a professional to set the stone as the process involves applying a layer of mortar.


ACS Flooring knows what is best for kitchen floors — where durability and style can coexist. Get in touch to discuss your new home or renovation’s kitchen, and we’ll ensure it can withstand foot traffic, resist spills, and be tailored to your singular needs.