There’s a great saying that holds true, especially when it comes to design and décor: you can’t argue taste. Apply that idiom to your home, and you’ll discover that an essential part of styling an abode is that you feel comfortable, enjoy the aesthetic, and create something specific to you.

Consider the possibilities.

With that in mind, here are many avenues homeowners can take when it comes to hardwood flooring colors. For some, consistency is key: a unifying aesthetic can make a home feel apiece. For others, each room has the potential to be a unique experience. A kitchen can be sleek, modern, and open, while a parlor room can be woody, dark, and earthy: perfect for sipping a drink and cozying up with a book.

To make your home feel as natural and stylish as possible in larger rooms, for example, you may enjoy the look of wider planks. Use wide planks of wood in smaller rooms and you might feel more aware of the space limitations. And if you are adding on a room or doing a renovation, that might pose an opportunity to branch out with new hardwood flooring installations. Exactly matching the neighboring floor type might prove difficult and make your floors look funny when they are quite similar but not precisely apiece. Use natural changes of space — archways, doors, separation of furniture types — to be your guide in seeing where it makes sense to change up your hardwood flooring colors.  

There is no right or wrong way to floor and furnish your home.

No matter your path, treat your home like a work of art, which means everything is a choice. Commit to a theme, establish the rules, and then see where breaking them leads to excitement and pops in color and design.

In hardwood flooring installations, many choose to separate rooms by shifting wood or carpet or flooring types. The foyer’s dark charcoal may lead to brighter walnut in the living room or the wide-planked European oak in the kitchen. What will help you throughout this process is having several options to work with. Fortunately, Home Depot’s hardwood flooring department boasts many materials, colors, styles, and wood types for all kinds of homes. If any trend is in, it’s a mix of lighter hues mashed with bolder looks. For example, a gray wood flooring can be accented with a colorful throw rug. Same with a darker bamboo with a vibrant loveseat or couch atop it.

Go with your gut.

Whatever the choice, you’ll want to go with something easy to install, waterproof, and long-lasting. Take your time and seek a range of options so you can find something that’s right for you. Go with your gut: only you will know what will satisfy your tastes and make a house a home.

Hardwood floor installations can be a time-consuming and involved process, but ACS handles these tasks regularly. Using the hardwood floorings at Home Depot, we help clients sort through and find the look that matches their home’s aesthetic before installing them with care and ease. Get in touch to jumpstart your process!