We all want floors that last, but sometimes our pets have different plans in store. The good news is you can have both: a furry housemate that the family adores and pet-friendly flooring that keeps for years. The trick to enjoying each is finding sustainable flooring that works for you, your aesthetic, and your furry friend.

A recent National Pet Owners Survey found that nearly two-thirds of all United States households have a pet of some kind. You perhaps needn’t worry about how a pet will affect your flooring for fish and snakes, but for loungers and runners like cats or dogs, their footprints will very much make an impact. Fortunately for consumers, many durable brands exceed expectations regarding their quality, sustainability, and pet-friendliness. Some of these go-to brands include Mohawk, Tarkett, and Karastan, but a more robust listing can be found here. When browsing these brands, there are a few keywords to look for or ask about when conversing with flooring experts.

Pet owners will want to find sustainable flooring that is easy-to-clean and scratch-resistant. For the latter, you can keep scratch marks at bay through two quick solutions: first, trim your pet’s nails frequently to keep them short. Second, darker floors can show scratch marks more easily, so if you are flooring a room that your pet will often be in, lean into lighter hues.

There are also several options for materials for pet-friendly flooring. Vinyl has long been a trusted and popular choice; it’s durable and resistant to scratches (which paws will cause) and moisture (which accidents can also cause). Given these traits, vinyl cleans easily and is also affordable. Vinyl can similarly meet aesthetic needs; it comes in various looks, from wood and stone to slate and ceramic. 

Rigid core is another type of floor that lasts. They are fully waterproof, so the planks never swell, and the look is rather realistic, coming in an array of colors and types. And while wood is always a classic and reliable look, there is nothing more pet-friendly than tile. This can be a strong choice in bathrooms and kitchens, where spills and pet accidents are more prone to happen. Tile is extremely reliable and, on it, any mess cleans right up. For these same reasons, carpeting can be a harder choice for pet-friendly flooring; the hairs and messes pets are likely to make can get embedded in the fibers, causing allergens and odors over years of use. Ask friends with pets about their floor experiences, or better yet, go straight to the experts who can take in your space and outfit the perfect floor for your home!

ACS Flooring often sources and gives advice about pet-friendly flooring for customers. We find sustainable and easy-to-maintain flooring that’s the right fit for your home, letting you enjoy both your house and your pet. Get in touch for a quote or more information today!