What can’t ceramic do? It’s great in the kitchen and bathroom as it won’t (unlike hardwood) absorb any spilled water, and it can even be a part of your entryway for a chic, European look with big, blocky designs. Ceramic flooring patterns know no limits — there are so many unique aesthetics to explore, giving homeowners endless possibilities when it comes to designing their homes and giving them a unique, bespoke flair. Below, get to know just five major examples of beloved ceramic flooring patterns — you may even find one that is a perfect match for your home.


1 Square Grid

If you’ve played the popular online guess-the-word game Wordle, the square grid ceramic flooring pattern may look familiar! Dress it up or dress it down, the grid works great in many settings, particularly as a backsplash. You can have a solid color or the occasional colorful one peppered in to add some excitement to your otherwise monotonous grid. Run the square grid on a diagonal, then you have an added level of design, dimension and interest!


2 Subway Tile

As classic as New York City, the subway tile never goes out of style — in fact, it’s enjoying quite the renaissance right now because of its clean, blocky aesthetic and ease of cleaning. Subway ceramic tile patterns are often seen in bathroom showers (think of the large white tiles) or they can even be part of a flooring design (in which case they are usually a gray or charcoal color and may have bigger blocks). No matter where you see them (they also work as a backsplash!), you won’t go wrong with this favorite.


3 Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone ceramic patterns are a bit more ornate because they involve intersecting diagonal tiles cut and placed at jaunty angles. Working wonderfully in many colors, herringbone ceramic tiles may be seen in shades of neutral blues or grays surrounding your pristine white bathtub or they may be smaller and more colorful when installed as part of your kitchen backsplash. These V-shaped rows give a richer sense of depth to your space, wherever they’re laid, and create contrast with the 90-degree angles of your home’s walls and corners.


4 Vertical Tiles

Less common but highly effective, the vertical tiles may take on varying heights and widths. These work great in shallower homes on their panels or walling to “increase” their height — but they are also marvelous in taller ones to really accentuate how high your ceilings are. Vertical tiles may be cleanly stacked one on top of another, all in the same line as their neighbors, or they may be offset like subway tiles to give some greater variety to your walls. Very popular is to run a vertical tile feature in a shower enclosure in a different color combination to create a feature wall/design accent.


5 Beehive Tiles

Bzzzzz: these hexagonal tiles are bee-utiful and can break up boxy homes where square or rectangular patterns prevail. Beehive tiles are rather versatile, working in bathroom flooring, kitchen backsplash, and mudroom floors as well. 


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