If you leaf through home magazines or scroll through architectural websites’ content, you may have noticed that tiles are very much in vogue. There are a number of reasons for that: home design, like fashion or art, experiences movements era by era. Shaggy rugs are now vintage, carpeting can be a clean-up hassle, so today’s top tile trends and styles reflect a desire for clean lines and minimalism. Tile is often associated with bathrooms—it handles moisture better than wood—but current floor tile trends show that this flooring option can work in many more areas of your house. Get a taste of five different kinds of tile below.


1 Wood-Look Tile

You can’t spell versatile without tile: the beauty of tile is it can mimic so many different other styles, including stone and wood. Tiles that look like wood are very popular right now because wood is a desirable floor type but it can be expensive and finicky. If you live in areas with high humidity or precipitation, wood flooring can be difficult; too much moisture can cause it to buckle. As such, wood tile is favored as it looks like wood without having the downsides of the product. This makes it a strong choice for kitchens, where spills are common but can more easily be cleaned up on tile.


2 Hexagonal Tiles

When we think of tiles, we might immediately think of them in square shapes. That’s because, historically in American homes, square tiles in bathrooms have been seen as such quadrilaterals. But tile is customizable not only in design but also in shape. Hexagonal tiles can break up a home defined by rectangular rooms and square flooring. Different tiles can be different shades of a similar color to break up the floor and provide richer texture. 


3 Subway Tiles

As iconic as New York City itself, subway tile is often seen as a kitchen backsplash but can work just as well in larger blocks as the flooring of a mudroom, bathroom, or other room. These overlapping rectangles come in a variety of colors letting homeowners choose a design or hue that best suits their needs. And because of their timelessness, this floor tile trend will endure as long as the Big Apple!


4 Retro Patterned Tiles

These vinyl tiles add flair to your home. Designs can be easily individualized, and they often involve intrinsic designs with swirling, symmetrical lines in two or three colors. A more flamboyant flooring type, retro patterned tiles, like any other kind, must fit into the aesthetic of a home. If you have a home dominated by square flooring and muted colors, a vivid retro patterned tile might work as an accent in a smaller room, like a study or a sunroom.


5 Spa-Like Tiles

This trend saw an uptick during the pandemic as many people, stuck at home, looked to bring the outdoors inside. Spa tiles evoke, of course, the look of a soothing spa: the tiles are large and spacious and are a mix of sandy browns, leafy greens, and aquatic blues. This combination of colors suggests the natural world and creates a relaxing space for bathrooms, especially.


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