We may think of stairs as practical and their carpet runners as decorative, but that would very much underplay how useful these stairway carpet runners are on many different levels. Yes, these runners let homeowners individualize their house, creating an aesthetic that pops or matches the rest of their abode’s style. But these stairway carpet runners are capable of so much more, and should not be an afterthought—they are as much a part of the installation process as your staircase is. See below for five reasons why installing these runners with your stairs is a great aesthetic, and pragmatic, idea.


1 Bring Your Home’s Look Together

Perhaps you have a welcome rug in your foyer or a wallpaper in the hallway just off your entrance that could use some complimenting. Stairway carpet runners offer the design capability to unite your home, creating a single, shared aesthetic that speaks to your individual taste. Add a dash of color, a fun design, or a complimentary look to your runners to keep your home fresh and give your stairs some flair.


2 “Increase” the Size of Your Stairs

We can’t pull off any magic tricks, but we can certainly play with some slight optical illusions. Horizontal stripes as part of your stairway carpet runners’ patterns will make your staircases look wider, and thus your home look a little larger, just in the same way that wearing vertical stripes can make someone look taller. Give this sneaky trick a go to turn narrow stairs into wider, more welcoming ones.


3 Avoid Slips

Dogs, children, and even busy parents may bound up and down the stairs, running amuck when late for school or work. Stairs can present some tripping hazards—whether you’re running up or down them!—and carpet runners help add traction to your travel and decrease the chance of any unfortunate slips. Don’t fall prey to your stairs’ slipperiness; install some runners to increase the safety of your home.


4 Go Full Carpet on Spiral Staircases

If your home is cool enough to have spiral staircases, you might take advantage of this nifty architectural element by covering each individual stair in carpet. Spiral staircases are notoriously a little bit more complex than your average straight up-and-down ones, and so increasing security while also flavoring your spiral staircase with a unique carpet pattern can kill two birds with one stone.


5 Go Bold to Set a Tone

Today, off white and gray hues are very in—the modern farmhouse style, for example, employs a lot of tan woods, white counters, and black accents on door handles and trims. This means contemporary homes can play with more color in fascinating ways, and what better way to do so than with a stairway carpet runner? If your stairs are a lighter hue, go bold with some rich dark-colored carpet, or cool with a seafoam or turquoise coloring.


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