Plants make people happy. Seeing them puts us at ease, decorating with them enlivens a room, and caring for them gives us a sense of purpose. TikTok and other social media platforms have popularized “plant parents” — you can become one, too, and the great thing is many plants are easy to care for and go nicely with all kinds of flooring. Plant colors, pot types, and shelving ideas are all customizable, which means you can easily make a plant at home no matter the current layout or look of your rooms and floors. Bring the outdoors indoors and take part in the green interior design trend! Curious about what the best houseplants are for low-maintenance care and high-yield happiness? See a list of five go-to plants for homeowners and businesses below.



Succulents are arguably the easiest to take care of, making them some of the best houseplants for those who might not have green thumbs. Often sold in small pots of varying colors, succulents are easy to pepper around your shelves and tables to introduce some greenery to your home or office. Succulents — often small cacti or other plants with thick leaves and stems — require very little water (minuscule weekly feeding will do) and decent sunlight, making them easy to put wherever you want.



The pothos plant has medium-sized, handsome green leaves and long vines that can stretch out over a room so that a single plant can greatly impact one space. These are also called devil’s ivy, but don’t let the name fool you: pothos are neither prissy nor poisonous. They simply grow rather quickly, which means they do need ample sunlight and about a cup or water per week. Since the vines can grow and extend to cover your walling, hung up with tacks, placing the plant up high on a bookshelf is best.


Fiddle-leaf fig

The fiddle-leaf fig won’t bear you fruit, but it will function as a wonderful standing plant and accent piece in any room. Fiddle-leaf figs have large green leaves and a single, thin trunk. The canopy spills out from the top branches and normally reaches about five feet tall and a couple of feet wide (though after years of care, they can grow more). These bring life to a forgotten corner and offer you many fun pot opportunities to bring out or juxtapose the style of your floors.


Snake plants

Snake plants are another wonderful floor plant; these get their name from the individual sprouts from the soil whose green and yellow shades resemble a (friendly!) snake. These firm leaves start out about a foot tall and can get much higher to bring some vertical flair to your living room, office, or bedroom. 


Monstera plants

Monsteras are highly elegant: their unique leaves have small slits to open them up and give them an almost tropical feel. The waxy look gives them a nice shine, and weekly watering is all they need to grow tall and tilt over to give a gentle curve. These are some of the best houseplants to put right by the window, requiring a good amount of sunshine.


Look for flooring options to go with your plants at your local Home Depot, and ACS will install your floors efficiently.