We’ve all seen or lived in a home where moved furniture, dog nails, and other scrapes have made visible scratches on floors. These annoying scratches can be an eyesore, reduce the value of your home, and make it feel like it’s always in need of a makeover. Floors deserve to be as beautiful as the day you installed them, and that’s why finding scratch resistant flooring is so important to the look of your home and the longevity of your floors.


Of course, many floor options are inherently scratch-resistant: carpet flooring and rugs will never endure a scratch, but hardwood floors, especially cheaper varieties, are very prone to scratches. If you always have to repair or replace floors, you will wind up spending a great deal of money. Scratch resistant flooring saves you that hassle and payment, and many types are easy to find and shop for. If you are in the market for some scratch resistant flooring, explore some of the three most popular options below to see which is the right fit for you.



Laminate is super sturdy and is great for a home with pets and children. Your furry friends and little ones may drop toys, make spills, or have other messes that can ruin your floors, but laminate is dependable, easy to clean, and a common kind of scratch resistant flooring. Laminate is made from thin layers of wood pressed together and sealed with a resin, which acts as the protective layer to keep your floors scratch-free. Plus, laminate can mimic your favorite flooring options (stone, natural wood, etc) without coming with a hefty fee.



Tile works great in many parts of the house but especially in kitchens, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and bathrooms — all rooms that are more likely to endure liquid spills and moisture. For hardwood, moisture causes the planks to absorb water and swell up in size, and in carpeting, moisture can lead to a dank smell and lead to fungi and discoloration. Tile, however, works well with water and is very, very difficult to scratch because it is made from harder materials such as porcelain or ceramic. Tile also comes in a plethora of shapes, styles, colors, and looks, making it very easy to customize and lay down in various rooms of your house.



Vinyl is another great option for scratch resistant flooring. Made up of several synthetic layers pressed together to make a single sheet, vinyl is topped with protective layers that make it quite hard to scratch. Like laminate, it can also emulate other materials such as hardwood or tile. Vinyl is also a practical decision because it absorbs sound, keeping your home quieter, and it’s durable but cushiony, giving feet and paws a comfortable place to stand on.


Looking for scratch resistant flooring so your floors stay sharp and clean? Shop at Home Depot for a number of great laminate, wood, and flooring options. ACS can then professionally install your floors with ease and no interruption to your home and schedule. Get in touch to discuss our plans.