The days of gray cubicles and drab carpets in the office are a thing of the past; today, workspaces are meant to be as cozy as your home and as verdant as the great outdoors. With more and more people working from home (and some preferring that trend), it’s more important than ever that offices be a fun place to go to, starting with the workplace’s aesthetics. With that in mind, explore some of these fun workplace design trends for the new year, and consider the flooring options that will go with them to make for a fashionable and welcoming office suite. 


Nordic minimalism

Ikea’s been around for years and years, but only recently have homeowners and business owners really adapted to the Nordic region’s minimalist flair. Shades of tans and eggshell whites keep the office bright and spacious, and lots of windows are a trademark of this aesthetic to bring in natural light and reduce electricity use. Here, the goal is to bring the outdoors indoors through vistas beyond the office walls, and this is also accomplished through lots of viney pothos plants and statuesque fiddle leaf figs in large pots. 

Flooring suggestion: Go for a bright blonde oak or lighter sandalwood vinyl to match the office’s airy vibes.


Tech playhouse

Tech companies often aim to make their offices unique and quirky, and this workplace design trend isn’t going anywhere in 2023. These workplaces have open concepts — large tables where coworkers can freely move about from desk to desk — along with all the fun perks that ensure people stay at the office longer than usual for further work, socializing, and community building. That means a rec room (with ping pong, video games, and bean bags), a snack bar, and maybe even an actual bar with beer on tap. These various rooms have their own flavor, meaning the design can get creative from room to room.

Flooring suggestion: Lean into different styles for each space to distinguish rooms as you would in a house: tile for the kitchen, vinyl for the office, and maybe a fun carpet in the rec room so tech coworkers, who often feel like family, can walk around shoes off for some comfy fun.


Mid Century modern

Everything old is new again, and the woody and well-loved mid century modern styling has been making a comeback. Popularized in the media on shows like “Mad Men,” mid century modern continues to resurface as a solid workplace design trend because of its blend of practical functionality and aesthetic handsomeness. Big credenzas, statement lounge chairs, and Knoll sofas are all the trademarks of this timeless design style.

Flooring suggestion: Wooden floors in V-shaped panels were a popular feature of the mid-twentieth century, as was natural stone thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright, though that latter suggestion may be pricey. A vinyl wood floor will prove affordable yet durable.


If you want a new look in the new year, shop around for floors that match fun workplace design trends and then work with ACS, the professional floor installers who will realize your design dreams with expertise and ease.