Homeowners deserve the best of both worlds: owning a pet and a house with hardwood floors. And yet, these two don’t often mix well. Pets can easily scratch, pee on, and tear up hardwood floors, which can quickly deteriorate this prized and pricy form of flooring. Everyone loves a good pet and handsome hardwood floors, but how can you enjoy both at the same time? There are some tips to pet proof hardwood floors — try out the options below to take better care of your hardwood floors without sacrificing all the fun of having a cat or a dog in your home.


Trim their nails.

One of the biggest reasons hardwood floors get damaged and scratched is because pet nails dig into them. Homeowners can resolve one of the most common causes of hardwood floor deterioration by frequently and carefully trimming their cats’ and dogs’ nails. If you don’t do it yourself, be sure to have regularly scheduled grooming sessions that may pair up with your pet’s haircuts so that claws won’t scratch your floors.


Opt for lighter colors.

When purchasing and installing hardwood floors, go for ones that are lighter in color because the darker ones will more easily show scratches. Blonder wood, sandalwood, and ash are brighter and won’t reveal scratches nearly as easily as a chestnut, mahogany, or other darker wood. 


Put booties on your pet.

Your pet will never be able to scratch floors if they wear cute little booties! Not only a fashion-forward accessory, these cozy shoes also have great practical use by keeping scratches off your beloved hardwood floors.


Train your pets.

It’s possible that there will be some parts of the house your pet can freely roam in and others where they are not allowed. You can put up gates or train your pets to stay out of certain nicer rooms that have hardwood floors, so you don’t risk any scratches or damage.


Go with an engineered wood option.

You can also pet-proof hardwood floors by choosing a lookalike kind of floor. Vinyl, engineered wood, and other flooring options mimic the look of hardwood at what is often a much lower price and for a material that can better withstand pet scratches because of the veneer that coats the top of the material.


Avoid softwood species.

If you are buying real wood for your floors, go for harder varieties. These more durable ones will be able to withstand pet potty problems or scratches better; pine, fir, cedar, American cherry, bamboo, and walnut, however, are all softer materials that are not the best kinds of floors for pet-proofing.


Go for a matte finish.

A matte or satin finish will be better than a glossy one because glossy coatings more easily show cracks, dents, and scratches, and having a pet can only exacerbate that issue.


Home Depot offers a range of pet proof hardwood floors — find one that matches your style and needs, and then trust ACS to install your floors with ease on your schedule and budget.