It’s no surprise that flooring, rugs, and carpets go through a lot of wear and tear. They get walked on, spilled on, and sat on over years and years, and during that time they start holding onto more and more dirt. This can make your flooring the unhappy host to more bacteria and fungi than you may think, but fortunately antimicrobial carpets and floors indeed exist to keep your flooring clean and like new.

It is easy for flooring fibers to trap dirt and moisture, especially in older or used rugs or you’re in an area with more moisture than average. This leads to unwanted stains and odors that can linger and be difficult to treat or remove. This is even true of hard surfaces, whose top protective layer can fade away over years of use. To combat this, antimicrobial flooring is infused with safe products that get into the fiber and materials of your rugs, carpet, and flooring to kill off fungi and keep your floors odor- and stain-free. These antimicrobial products come with a number of perks. Learn about just a few of them below to see how antimicrobial flooring may be the right choice for you as you move into a new space or consider renovating your floors.


Prevent unwanted musty odors

Some carpets, like bath mats, are prone to greater amounts of moisture than others. This means the quality of the mat can deteriorate more quickly and also leave behind a musty, damp smell. Antimicrobial carpets and mats are common options to avoid this issue and keep your mat fluffy and stench-free.


Save money over time

Floors and rugs can be expensive to replace, and you are more likely to replace them if they get stained or musty from spills and exposure to fungi. Paying for new floors and mats over and over can add up to a hefty bill, but if you make the one-time purchase of antimicrobial carpets and rugs, you save money in the long run while also fortifying your floors to keep them clean and free of bacteria. Paying upfront for antimicrobial products, then, offers a good return on investment.


Protect floors from discoloration

As fungi and bacteria spread, they can discolor your gorgeous floors and rugs, leaving ugly stains and making quite the eye sore. Antimicrobial products make sure this discoloring never happens and strengthens your floors for longer, better use.


Guard adhesives

Many floors come with layers of adhesives that protect the material underneath. These can fade over time, but antimicrobial floors are created with the products needed to slow adhesive breakdown by fighting the very things that corrode them: bacteria, fungi, dirt, water, and moisture. 


If you are considering moving into a new home or are looking to replace your floors, consider antimicrobial carpets. As flooring experts, ACS can help you install the material that is right for you. Happy Shopping!