Wall to wall carpet always remains in style for a number of reasons. Chief amongst them is the fact that carpeting comes in a wide range of prices and styles. Furthermore, you can choose flooring tailored to your specific budget and aesthetic. Get a better sense of whether wall to wall carpeting is right for you. Continue below to view our quick rundown of pros and cons for this popular type of flooring.


Pro 1: Immense Versatility

Wall to wall carpeting is more than just oatmeal-colored rugs. Carpeting can come in all different colors, styles, and patterns—everything from animal print and checkered to stripes and custom logos/designs. This can give carpeting a more quirky and fun tone which can be fun when executed in certain rooms. Wall to wall carpets can also be refined and elegant to match the style of the furniture or vibe of the room.


Pro 2: Comfort

We all know how cozy it feels to stand atop a plush carpet. In colder environments, carpeting is both well-liked and practical because it acts as its own form of insulation. Not to mention, it makes walking around barefoot easier. 


Pro 3: Muffles Sound

Someone clomping around on hardwood floors can be heard throughout the whole house. This can also be distracting if the walker is on the floor above you and you can hear every move they make. Wall to wall carpet muffles sound, keeping your home quieter. Carpeting allows people to feel like they can move around with ease and without distracting others in their home–or neighbors if that is in the equation as well.


Con 1: Careful Maintenance is Mandatory

Carpets need to be cleaned more vigilantly, and more frequently. Vacuuming regularly will get the dirt out of the fibers, but professional carpet cleaning is needed to keep your flooring plush and like new. If you have pets, their fur can get stuck in the carpet. If you spill a drink, stains can be very tricky to remove. Needless to say, maintaining your carpet with professional assistance is usually the safest bet.


Con 2: Allergy-sensitive

Carpets trap dust, dirt, bugs, and bacteria, and that means that if members of your family or roommates have existing allergies, you may want to consider an alternative flooring surface. Those that are hypersensitive to dust or have respiratory issues should avoid using carpeting in their homes. 


Overall Takeaway

All in all, there is a reason carpets remain such a popular choice: the pros far outweigh the cons, and flexibility in budget, size, and style make carpeting a strong match for various rooms in any home. The installation process is pretty straightforward, but because so much comes down to exact measurements to make a seamless wall-to-wall flooring, professionals can be very helpful here in making the process smooth and efficient.