We’re in an era of home remodels and renovations like never before. The pandemic had us all spending more time at home, and given that extra time in our houses we contemplated what was working and what wasn’t about our layouts. All kinds of rooms got makeovers — kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms — but one that may have been overlooked but still holds great potential is the laundry room. Transforming your laundry room can be a great joy, add value to your home, and declutter your space. 

For many, the laundry room is just a stack of washers and dryers stowed in some corner closet. If you are renovating, consider giving this room its own dedicated space — you’d be surprised what an oasis it can become! Laundry rooms can double as mud rooms, be big enough to fit an ironing board, and can have shelves and hangers for dry cleaning, hang drying, and more. If you are looking into an accomplishable project like this one, consider below the three best flooring options for your laundry room and get creative with how you can decorate it to turn this practical space into a fun one specific to your aesthetics. 



Tile is a classic flooring material for laundry rooms because of how well it handles water. Tiles’ sturdy ceramic makeup ensures it does not absorb water and warp, as hardwood does, and tile is also a winner because of how customizable it is. Individual tiles come in myriad shapes, sizes, and colors, meaning you can create whatever pattern best suits your preferences and home’s aesthetic. Some tile styles can be pricey, but not always, meaning this flooring option has a range of prices to keep the project within your specific budget.


Vinyl Sheet

If you want to transform your laundry room quickly, vinyl sheets provide an efficient and effective option. These sheets come together flush in your laundry room to allow no water or moisture to seep into the cracks, and the sealer further ensures no water issues will damage your floors. Vinyl sheets have also come a long way — they can mimic many flooring styles, from blonde sandalwood to classic stone. However, unlike tile, if a single sheet of vinyl gets damaged for some reason, you’ll have to replace the entire set.


Engineered Wood

Many rustic homes are favoring this kind of flooring in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and, yes, laundry room. While standard, organic wood will buckle when it swells with water and moisture absorption, engineered wood is, as the name suggests, designed not to do that. One of the best flooring options for your laundry room, engineered wood has a high-quality plywood base and is laminated with a veneer to cope with spills. Because of the science and labor going into it — plus their attractive appeal — engineered wood is a pricier option than vinyl sheets but will enjoy a long, beautiful life.


If you are interested in transforming your laundry room, think about these options and what style would be best based on your usage objectives and then we’ll expertly install the floors to ensure the process goes off without a hitch.