As the housing market continues to explode, real estate is at a premium, which means owning property is one of the best kinds of long-term investment. If you’re lucky, you might even own a second property and lucratively use it as a vacation home. If you snatch one of these off the market or are looking to renovate yours, you might be wondering which flooring is best for your home. No matter the kind of rental you have — be it a beach house, mountain home, or AirBnB — the answer is almost always VCT tile.


Standing for vinyl composite tile, VCT is a form of luxury vinyl that works well in many settings. The material has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, all of which make it one of the best flooring options for your rental home. Explore why VCT tile may be right for you in the list of benefits below!


VCT replicates any material you like

Sandalwood for the beach, stone for a cabin, hardwood for a home — VCT tile can do it all, emulating any material you like to match your house’s aesthetic. This simplifies the design process as organic materials can be harder to find, and they are often more expensive. When you are renting to strangers and need something affordable but durable, VCT can give you the looks that last. Plus, the styles are easy to find — Home Depots carry all your VCT needs.


VCT can handle water damage

Rental homes may be prone to more wear and tear, spills, and, depending on their location, flooding. As a second homeowner, you need something that can withstand these inconveniences. VCT tile is the go-to luxury vinyl brand because it is water-resistant from top to bottom of the tile, making it a popular choice to use throughout the home, from the living and dining room to the kitchen and bathroom.


VCT cleans easily

When you own a second home for renting, practicality is everything. You need a floor that is easy to tend to, and VCT is one of the simplest to clean thanks to its smooth surface. Unlike rugs that hold spills and stains for years or hardwood that can easily scratch, VCT tile is easy to vacuum, mop, and sweep in minutes. This helps cleaning staff with a quick changeover party to party, especially during your rental home’s high season.


VCT photographs great

In rental properties, flooring can play a big role in attracting guests. You don’t need anything precious in these homes, but VCT still has the aesthetic pleasantness to make the home feel welcoming and higher-end. This shows potential guests that the home is well-kept and rental-ready.


VCT has a simple installation

Whether glue down or floating click, VCT is easy to put down, and Home Depot sells a number of carpet transition strips to smooth out the job and provide bridges from room to room. These can be customized in color and look to match your decorating preferences as well.


If you are looking to buy or renovate a second home, be sure to try the VCTs whose durability, reliability, and cleanability make any homeowner’s job easier. Consult Home Depot or your preferred flooring provider on what your home may need, and we can help you lay down these tiles to make your home rental-ready in a jiffy.