As we are well into 2022, it looks like one trend that exploded on the scene two years ago isn’t leaving anytime soon: we are spending more and more of our hours indoors and working from home. For many, this has been a welcome shift, and as such it’s been no surprise that home improvement projects have exploded. Many of us are adding on home offices, redoing floors, and just holistically reconsidering the role our home plays in this new lifestyle we’re all now more permanently settling into. Above all, there’s one habit within this trend that is making a splash: how carpet introduces a unique texture design element to your flooring.

See what carpet can do for you in the new year by taking a peek at these trending ideas below:


Bring the Office to Your House

When we think of the classic office, we may picture groups of desks stationed before rolling chairs that slide across wall-to-wall carpeting. Often, the colors are rather muted or dull. But as we work from home, many of us are turning corners of rooms or sections of basements into our own personalized offices, and with that comes the ability to introduce texture design elements and colors that evoke fun work spaces. A patterned carpet in a neutral tone can offer a clean look, or a plush and bright carpet can make a more colorful workspace. Either way, these carpets are more than practical: they offer a clear boundary, which so many of us now need, between “work” space and “living” space.


Introduce Deep Colors

While wooden floors come in a range of hues, no flooring style has as much variety of color as carpets. As we spend more time in our bedrooms (or even walk-in closets for those of us fortunate for the extra space), we may be considering how to change up these classic rooms. A deep blue can bring extra serenity to a space, which can work nicely in a bedroom complimented with natural light and other tan furniture, while a lighter color in the closet can open it up and make it feel airier.


Create Cozy Living Spaces

Living rooms should be just for that: living in. And no texture says cozy and comfort quite like carpeting. Soft between the toes and providing a cushion for young kids if they take a tumble, carpeting works wonders in the family room. Find a color that matches or complements your drapes, furniture, and decor, and help give your living room a clear divide from your kitchen or dining room by creating a carpeted surface to separate your spaces. 


Explore Other Carpets for Inspiration

Just as every home is unique, so are the carpet options that can inhabit a space. There is no better way to spark inspiration than to pursue flooring options that match your home’s aesthetic and needs. For those of us who love flipping through catalogs or magazines — either leisurely or while on the hunt for a specific carpeting need — Home Depot boasts a plethora of affordable options with creative solutions and trendy texture design elements for every kind of homeowner. Take a look for yourself, and bookmark the carpets that best exemplify your style and excite you!


Home Depot assists clients in selecting and pricing out their carpet options before ACS professional installers bring your flooring and/or carpet selections to your home or office.  We invite you to peruse your options at your local Home Depot.