Monica Rivas

General Manager

Monica Rivas is a seasoned professional in the customer service and logistics industries, dedicated to cultivating environments that thrive on healthy challenges and results-oriented collaboration. Her active engagement in coaching and mentoring extends beyond her colleagues to the broader community, driving positive change with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Diversity, which has greatly enriched her life, remains a focal point in her pursuits.

With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years, Monica has established herself as a key partner, highly regarded by stakeholders and peers alike. Leveraging her industry expertise and critical thinking, she specializes in the transformation of ailing programs. Her primary focus centers on empowering her team to deliver best-in-class customer service.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Monica is a devoted wife and mother of two, along with two canine companions. When she’s not immersed in her work, she derives great satisfaction from hosting, catering, and creating culinary delights for others.

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