Another carpet option is carpet tile.  A growing choice for contractors, architects and designers developing commercial spaces that can stand the test of time, from a style as well as wear and tear perspective. It’s a strong type of carpet flooring that’s back in style today due to its aesthetic flexibility and long-term cost of maintenance. Carpet tiles are specially designed squares of carpeting that are made to lock down in a similar way to standard carpet flooring.

The flexibility and ease of installation benefits that carpet tiles provide are considerable. You can mix and match different colors and patterns, choose tiles that adhere to the floors using glues, while others are nailed or stapled down and even more importantly–replace tiles, as needed, without a complete rip and replace.  A much more cost-efficient and practical approach to high traffic, high stain-prone areas like hallways, corridors, meeting rooms, cafeterias, etc.

Preparing for Your Installation

To get ready for your new flooring, you will need to take some steps before the installers arrive. Download our Preparing for Your New Floor Checklist.