When it comes to creating an inviting look, nothing succeeds like carpet.  That’s why it is often the choice for even the most discerning contractors, architects and designers.

Warm under your feet. Soft to the touch. Lots of styles, textures and colors to go with any decorating style—formal or casual or somewhere in between—and budget.

Make the carpet you choose a major style statement. Or let it fade into the background.  Regardless of the location, the usage, the amount of foot traffic, rest assured there is a carpet choice is just right for the situation.

Choosing the Right Carpet

When choosing your carpeting, some key considerations include:

  • Expected Foot Traffic: What kind of traffic will the carpet get? If it’s a high traffic area, you will want to choose a carpet that can handle it.
  • Color: Do you want a color or a neutral? Light, dark or medium shades?  Remember, a light shade of carpet is likely to show dirt more quickly than a medium shade of carpet.  Carpeting that has elements of color in it can hide dirt more easily than single-color carpet.  This can be important when there are children or pets.
  • Style and Texture: The style and texture of the carpet—e.g., plush, shag, frieze—are important considerations based on whether the goal is to achieve a more formal or casual look.
  • Cleanability: Your needs in terms of cleanability will determine your carpeting choices as well as stain and soil protection.

Preparing for Your Installation

To get ready for your new carpet, you will need to take some steps before the installers arrive. Download our Preparing for Your New Floor Checklist.