5 Signs Your Carpet is Ready to be Replaced

When you live in the same place for years and years and wonder if updates are needed, parts of your home can sometimes go overlooked. Carpeting should not be one of them, but unfortunately, it too often is. The lifespan of a carpet largely depends on several factors, including the quality of the carpet, the […]

Tips to Transform Your Laundry Room to a Place You Enjoy

We’re in an era of home remodels and renovations like never before. The pandemic had us all spending more time at home, and given that extra time in our houses we contemplated what was working and what wasn’t about our layouts. All kinds of rooms got makeovers — kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms — but one that […]

How to Pet Proof Hardwood Floors

Homeowners deserve the best of both worlds: owning a pet and a house with hardwood floors. And yet, these two don’t often mix well. Pets can easily scratch, pee on, and tear up hardwood floors, which can quickly deteriorate this prized and pricy form of flooring. Everyone loves a good pet and handsome hardwood floors, […]