Choosing the kind of carpeting or flooring that suits your home is a big decision, but people will sometimes overlook another key choice that pairs with floors: trim molding. There are many different floor molding types, each evoking a certain style or mood. One is not necessarily superior to another; instead, various floor molding types tell unique stories and communicate different aesthetic feelings. 

Below, get a sense of just six of the most popular kinds of floor trim molding to see which might be the right fit for your home.


1. Mop Board Base Trim

Mop board base trims are quite simple. They are a board that runs the bottom perimeter of a wall dividing a floor and wall. Also called one-piece bases, these rectangular boards jut out maybe half an inch from a wall and offer clean lines and an aesthetic directness.

mop board base trim


2. Baseboard

A baseboard trim rises a couple of inches off a floor and up a wall and is normally defined by a small, quarter-round trim. Baseboards help designate the floor from the wall, bridging the gap and helping protect the base of your walls. 

base trim



3. Two-Piece Base Trim

One of the more flexible floor molding types, two-piece base trims can feature different kinds of caps to create a feeling specific to your home style. Normally, the two-piece base trim has a flat bottom piece with profiled molding atop.

two piece trim



4. Profiled Base Trim

Also called patterned bases, profiled base trims are a single piece of a profiled board. This means the board is treated in a way to give some texture and curves that help it stick out from a flat wall and floor.

profiled base trim


5. Farmhouse Base Trim

Not a technical kind of trim but more so a feeling, a farmhouse base trim is a wooden base that is not painted; instead, the board shows exactly what it is to give a more rustic vibe. A farmhouse base trim can have any number of kinds of wood running along the base of a wall and might be accented with thin, upward-facing pieces of wood where two walls meet in a corner.

farmhouse base trim


6. Cove Molding

Cove molding features a concave-shaped trim. This gives a gentle curve to your trim as it looks like the floor slides up to the wall. The style is a bit more dynamic without sacrificing simplicity. As with most trims, be careful when vacuuming or moving furniture to not scuff the molding or dent it with a mark. 

cove base trim


Interested in one of these floor molding types, or curious about other styles? ACS has installed dozens of different kinds of floor trims — get in touch to see our catalog, set up a free consultation, and learn more.