Some of the many misconceptions surrounding a new flooring installation are that they are stressful, invasive, and time-consuming. Yes; new flooring can be a big project, but when in the right hands, this process should be more exciting than daunting. In installing new flooring, you get to set the terms of your budget, be in control of a work schedule, and personalize the aesthetic of your home or workplace. This should be something to enjoy!

But before this big project rolls out, what flooring prep must you as the homeowner, business leader, or designer do ahead of time? There are a few key details that might be new information to those prepping for a flooring installation, and it’s important that these suggestions be followed to ensure a smooth process.

First, of course, there are the creative decisions. Perhaps you know exactly what you are looking for, or maybe you are open to new ideas and suggestions. Either way, you can’t go wrong in initiating conversations with your hired team. That group of experts will know not only the ins and outs of flooring installations, but also what kind of flooring works best for your specific rooms. An outdoor space may require a different material than an indoor one, and the flooring of a family room used by young kids may need different care than that of a posh office.

The decisions behind this will be cemented with a site visit, giving a professional team the chance to take in the specificity and size of your space. Once you’ve decided on a style and have set the date for the new flooring, be sure to keep the temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit for three days prior to installation in the given workspace. This helps ensure adhesives used during a flooring installation cure properly. Additionally, if you are working with tile or stone installations, the team will need access to running water.

You should also take care to disconnect/temporarily relocate any electronics: these will get in the way. Similarly, remove items that are under the bed or on closet floors that might be afterthoughts but, on the day of the job, will potentially cause delays. You’ll also want to take care of fragile items in advance.

Depending on if this is a home, office, or other workplace, there may be individual details tied to each location, but these tips will be a strong starting point for anyone in need of flooring prep assistance. The key element is communications: talk to the incoming team ahead of time to map out schedules and answer questions so when installers arrive it is a turnkey process. Then, sit back and in no time at all you’ll be wowed by and get to enjoy your new flooring!


Curious about installing new floors? The commercial and residential flooring experts at ACS are more than happy to initiate a conversation about your budget, schedule, and stylistic preferences.